Many companies today sell their products through indirect channels such as dealers, distributors, agents and manufacturer's reps. There's a constant challenge to reinforce branding and messaging within these channels with the goal of increased adoption. Oftentimes, Marketing must develop numerous tools to support these affiliates as they may not have sophisticated marketing resources. That’s where we come in.

We’re a Marketing Logistics company helping Channel Marketers cost effectively execute their channel marketing strategies.  Essentially, we take tactical marketing off your plate so you can focus on strategic marketing priorities.

Brand Control
You've spent significant money and resources to create your brand identity. Your channel partners don't always understand they need to leverage this investment and don't understand subtle local changes damage your brand. We take great pains through process and automation to ensure consistent use of your branding standards help support your brand building strategy.
E-Commerce Portal
Decentralized ordering, yet centralized control…Create a customized, responsive e-commerce portal to deliver all official marketing tools to all your channel partners. Marketing tools easily accessed to help connect with the market!
Channel Engagement
Organizations with engaged employees and customers consistently outperform their competitors in earnings and growth. We help companies increase profits by engaging customers, channel partners, and associates.
Digital Asset Management
Channel partners constantly request logos, documents, presentations, etc.; Marketing reacts to their needs but oftentimes struggles to find the correct file on the network, at the agency, or on individual computers. Automate document delivery through Prograde's QuickDocs Digital Asset Management solution and free up time to perform more important tasks.
Trade Show
From trade show booths to retractable banners and table top displays, Prograde has the creative talent and resources to bring your vision to life. Not only can we design it, but we can store and ship it to each venue on time!
Lead Generation
Between Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Direct Mail and Cross Media Technology, we can develop a program to improve the quality and quantity of your leads for you or your channel partners.
Co-Branded Print on Demand
Desire to have your marketing materials be co-branded and relevant to your channel partner’s target audience without building inventory? Prograde's automated print on demand approach allows for personalization flexibility for your channel partner yet locks down your branding.
Co-Op Funds Management
Automate the use of co-op marketing dollars provided to each channel partner based on their segmentation level through our e-commerce portal.
Managed Marketing Services
Your top channel partners may not possess internal marketing resources to effectively market your products to their clients. Unfortunately, you may not have the bandwidth to invest in their marketing success. Outsource Managed Marketing Services to Prograde to execute channel partner marketing within your control and in budget. Offering Managed Marketing Services to your top channel partners in lieu of co-op marketing dollars creates control over your spend.