Since 2004, Prograde's Franchise Marketing Solutions group has partnered with franchise brands to help hundreds of Franchisees grow their business (and yours) through our Marketing Logistics strategies. Our best Clients take advantage of Prograde's industry knowledge to create an environment yielding a higher adoption rate of your corporate marketing vision.

We help your franchisees understand the benefits of utilizing standards while giving them flexibility to make their own business decisions without undermining your brand control. Review our offerings and ask us questions. We always have time to take or give free advice. That is how we both learn.

E-Commerce Portal
Decentralized ordering, yet centralized control…Create a customized, responsive e-commerce portal to deliver approved marketing tools to franchisees.
Print On Demand
Have your marketing materials personalized and relevant to your target audience without building inventory. Prograde's automated print on demand approach eliminates wasted expense and allows Franchisees to help better connect with their clients through up to date and relevant content.
Marketing Logistic Service Reps
We have trained professionals that have answered the phone, chatted online and emailed with franchisees for YEARS. Believe us, franchisees have lots and lots of great questions and it is our job to help them learn how to effectively utilize the products we offer.
Personal brand and Company brand are blending together more and more everyday. You can see it at Quick Serve Restaurants and Home Care Givers. Both team members and customers want to see creativity in uniforms.
- BTW we have embroidery and screen print functions on site that help us react to rush orders.
Promotional Items
Franchisees use a variety of promotional products at trade shows and as general awareness tools to remain top-of-mind with their customers. Help us understand your business cycle and marketing calendar so we can create a product line to achieve your promotional marketing goals.
Live the Brand!!! Today's workers are proud of where they work and want to have branded clothes that fit their lifestyles. Engaged employees want to wear their company’s brand on the weekends, in the gym, at social function. Give them options. Every brand needs to capitalize on this fun offering.
Local Marketing Products
Your franchisees need localized materials that resonate in their local communities. Our e-commerce templating technology provides local personalization of text and images, yet we can lockdown content that shouldn’t be modified.
SOS (Special Order Support)
Franchisees need help to process special orders. As your Marketing Logistics Partner, we will do this execution of work orders. Our effort allows your Corporate Marketing Department to be more strategic vs tactical.
Inventory management
In today's On Demand centric environment, Large inventories are a thing of the past. However, at times price breaks can dictate that it makes sense to have warehousing available. We have 20,000 sq. feet of warehousing on site. We use SAP as our back end inventory management system and we have automatic reorder points available to alleviate inventory concerns.