ViewSource Technology & Digital Marketing Group

Advanced Technology and Digital Marketing Services

Custom development to support your technology needs.  

Whether you want to update your website or solve a tough technology problem, our expert staff has the experience and knowledge to execute your vision flawlessly. 

Flex Product Information Management (PIM)
Flex - Cloud based Product Information ManagementUnleash your product information with Flex, our  cloud based PIM system . Integrating your product information with your websites, eCommerce sites, dealer portal, configurator and marketing literature will make you more agile and help grow your sales.
Product Information - I Hate Spreadsheets - Free T-shirt
B2B eCommerce Solutions
We build  custom storefronts  to help your customers buy conveniently and easily from you while giving you the control you need.
Web Development
UX design, custom websites,  product visualization, product configurators  and interactive tools. If it is online we can help, we have been doing this since 1996.
Marketing Automation
We can automate your repetitive tasks, such as email marketing, social media, and website lead generation.
Marketing Operations
Let us help you drive the business with transparent, efficient and  accountable analytics  to improve your operations.
App Development
We build custom mobile or web-based apps to meet your needs and  solve your business pain . We take your ideas and make them reality.
API Integration
Have you ever wondered...I wish I could take this data and use it over there? In today's connected world we can use APIs and some integration programming to do that.  Dreams do come true.
System Integration
We help you automate the  interaction between your systems  (like your CRM, ERP and eCommerce site) making you more efficient and less error prone.

Digital Marketing Strategy, Execution, and Management.  

Are you overwhelmed by today's digital marketing world? We don't blame you! Keeping up requires your full focus, and let's face it, who truly has time for that? Let our Social Media and Online Marketing experts be your focused partners in building and delivering successful Digital Marketing results. 

Inbound Marketing
Draw new marketing and sales-ready leads to your website through SEO, blogging, and social media with Inbound's customer-centric methodology. It's about creating Marketing that people LOVE (instead of avoid). As a HubSpot partner, ViewSource utilizes their best in class tools to develop and manage your complete Inbound strategy with unprecedented ROI analytics.

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Social Media Marketing
If you're not capitalizing on the advantages of social media, it can quickly take advantage of you. Don't simply stay on top of your Social Media, maximize its potential and deliver new leads! Let our expert team create the perfect package for your success.
Event Social Management
Event planning is stressful enough, let our experts manage the Social Media so you can focus on everything else.  We've got you covered!  Pre-event planning and promotion, event coverage and engagement (including staff management), post event recap with recommendations and analytics.
Social Intelligence (Brand & Reputation Monitoring)
Do you know what's being said about your brand? Are you discovering customer complaints quickly, before they go viral? Do you want to track the reaction to a press release or product launch? Social listening  keeps you in control!  Let our  social intelligence  experts  keep an eye on things so you don't have to.
Search Engine Optimization
With Google's ever evolving algorithms, optimizing your pages for  organic search  placement requires constant research and maintenance. Our team can evaluate your site and make current recommendations or complete the work for you. Let us create a  custom SEO package  for ongoing reviews and updates to  keep your site optimized .
Email Marketing
Email Marketing continues to have the one of the  highest conversion rates  of all digital marketing methods. Develop a strong relationship with your customers and prospects through strategic  educational and nurturing  email campaigns.
Targeted Paid Advertising
Never in the history of advertising have we been able to  target our desired audience  as directly as we can today. Our team can manage search, display, video, mobile, and social ad campaigns, allowing you to reach your customers where they are. The best part is, through advanced analytics, you will know what's working and what isn't.  Evaluate, improve, repeat.
Content Marketing
The backbone of Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing is the creation of  information rich content  (videos, blogs, infographics, white papers, etc.) that is helpful to your target market. Combining these impactful pieces of content with a   call to action (CTA),  allows you to   convert site visitors into known leads  and prospects.

Winning in an API connected world.

How Manufacturers can unleash their product information. 

The reality is that the world has changed, we now live in an API driven, hyper-connected world where information can be shared and used like never before. This change like any other will result in winners and losers in the business arena. 

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